“You will not beat the weather!” That’s exactly what we were saying when nature gave us the first snow. It has to be said that it was very early in comparison to other years, when the “misty winter” saved us. Unfortunately, the altitude of 900 m above sea level is not exactly a place where the weather would be pleasant all year round.

A week of shameless wait, whether it will be possible to continue with the construction, and then unfortunately…. Under the weighting of the ITS (investors technical Supervision) representatives’ arguments and the contractor, we had to interrupt the construction of the half-timbered house. The decisive day was the 13 November 2017. The contractor took the necessary precautions to protect the existing coarse building from shivering frosts and dampness, and we go every week to the half-timbered house to see if it resists the unfavourable weather conditions that still prevail.

However, with the arrival of the first spring days, we will continue to build the replicas of the half-timbered house. We do not just have to believe that spring will not wait for a long time.