As it happens, everything has its beginning and its end. The same was with the Sculpture Symposium in the Ore Mountains on Lesná which took place in the Lesná Mountain resort from Sunday 22 July 2018 to Friday 27 July 2018. The theme for this year was “Hell on the Peaks of the Ore Mountains.”

Pleasant summer weather welcomed the invited sculptors, who this year were Patrik Adamec, Josef Švancar, Miloslav Jiran, David Fiala and Jan Bezaniuk. After the opening ceremony, the artists immediately dove to work. As the incoming visitors who visited the camp during the week, the dexterity with which they worked raw wood was truly respectable. In the middle of the week, the statues were almost finished, and only had to be “beautified” to the final form. On Friday, they have already decorated the gallery of the Lesná Mountain Resort, which is installed for the public from spring to autumn. You can see the works called “devil scratch”, “devil”, “devil Jeremiah”, “inspirer”, “book of sins” or “born of weight” in our photo gallery. In winter, they will be part of a traditional exhibition of nativity scenes during advent weeks.

The whole week was accompanied by an entertainment programme in the form of creative workshops attracting mostly children. Due to the public’s interest, the lecturers of the club had something to “bark” to satisfy all those who wanted to bring a souvenir created from Lesná. Of course, we are happy for this interest.

So we will look forward to you again in a year.

Lesná Mountain Club in the Ore Mountain, founding association