The registered association Lesná Mountain Club in the Ore Mountains is located in Lesná Mountain Hotel in the eastern part of the Ore Mountains, near the towns of Chomutov and Most, in a village 5 km from the border with the German Federal Republic.

The main mission of Lesná Mountain Club is the creation of favourable conditions for winter sports, especially downhill and classical skiing, agro tourism, tourism, alpine tourism, cycling – MTB and paragliding. It is trying to build a network of bicycle paths and ski tracks and to connect the big underground towns through the peaks of the Ore Mountains to Germany. It organizes cultural events, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, excursions focused on environmental protection and the promotion of the history of the Ore Mountains, bringing in the life of the hills in ancient times.


The project „Active living  of the common history and traditions in the region Ore Mountains“ is supported by the Cooperation Programme Czech Republic – Free State of Saxony 2014-2020.