Project realization time

1. 10. 2016 – 30. 9. 2019

The project „Active living  of the common history and traditions in the region Ore Mountains“ is supported by the Cooperation Programme Czech Republic – Free State of Saxony 2014-2020.

The aim of the project is to make the destination of the eastern part of the Ore Mountains more attractive, by enhancing the cultural and historical potential of both project partners and expanding the supply of tourism on both sides of the border.

Construction of the replica of the half-timbered house in Lesná

Construction of the replica of the half-timbered house in Lesná will be another building that will extend the existing Museum of Ore Mountains in Lesná. At present, it is made up of a 1: 1 model of the folk house (so-called cow house-type house) and St. Anthony’s bell tower with a functional bell. The operation of the Museum in Lesná started on 30 September 2010, when its opening ceremony took place in the presence of the Minister for Regional Development, Ing. Jankovsky. The museum’s exhibition is devoted to the history of the life of the Ore Mountains. The museum grounds are used to organize public events focused on traditional craftsmanship, customs, and folk creativity. Due to the increasing number of visitors to the Museum, its existing space is insufficiently capacitive (especially in winter, when events are held only indoors).

It is an object that is characteristic of the mountain farm of the Ore Mountains. Project documentation was created with the help of PhDr. Libuše Pokorná, former director of the Regional Museum in Most, based on preserved photographs and according to the building that was standing in the village of Hora Svatá Kateřina. During construction, great emphasis will be placed on the exterior and interior appearance of the building in order to preserve the period character of the building. This will be ensured by the professional supervision of the employees of the Regional Museum in Most, which are also fully involved in the project.

The building will be partly cellar (cellar with vault and well), with a northeast annex. On the ground floor there will be a living room with tile stoves and a kitchen with a bread baking oven, which will have a working entrance to the loafing of bread. Part of the building will be a stable with a vaulted ceiling and a stone trough for water or feeding. Two horse stalls and eight stalls for other domestic animals (goats, sheep) will be set up here. The stables will occasionally be used to house domestic animals at public events for the purpose of demonstration of activities from the life in the mountains. The stables follow up with the pillow (intergrowth of the beaten grain). The annex area will be equipped with a black kitchen or a vernacular. Part of the second floor of the building will be two rooms that were used for sleeping and having a rest. Above the stables and grounds will be created a space of 112, 75 m2, which will be used for presentation purposes, practical demonstrations of traditional crafts, hand-made workshops for museum visitors, exhibition hall etc. In the past this space served as a craft room, granary or storage space hay. Behind the object will be built a manure for ecological storage of bedding from the domestic animal.

Exhibition of the museum - Half-timbered house
The exposition of the museum will be made up of furniture (replicas of period furniture) and objects of daily necessity typical of the half-timbered building from the 19th century. Everyday items will be borrowed from private collections and from the Regional Museum in Most with which our Museum actively cooperates. The exhibition will be complemented by an interactive touch screen with information related to the permanent exhibition of the Museum, the traditional crafts in the Ore Mountains, mining, settlement of the Czech-German region of the eastern part of the Ore Mountains and also to the important inhabitants connected with this region.
An innovative feature of the whole exhibition will be the “Virtual Walk from Lesná to Seiffen”. It will be a short film spot / projection with innovative elements in the length of about 10 – 15 minutes, mapping the development of the infrastructure and settlement of the area on the route from Lesná to Seiffen from about 1900 to the present. This movie will show the visitors changes to the selected route at certain time intervals. It will help them to understand how time and milestones of that time have transformed this area into its present form.

This part of the museum’s interactive exposition will be based in part on a survey by a project partner focusing on the history of the Seiffen-Lesná houses. It will be created in three language versions (Czech, German and English) and the public will be able to see it during the sightseeing of the Ore Mountains Museum in Lesná and also in the open-air museum in Seiffen. It will also be published on the websites of both project partners and other social networks.

Purchase of Ore Mountains costumes
A total of 26 costumes will be purchased within the project, namely:
10 pieces of women costumes (in different sizes)
10 pieces of men costumes (in different sizes)
3 pieces of girls’ costumes (in different sizes)
3 pieces of boys’ costumes (in different sizes)

The costumes will be used as part of public events not only by the project team and its volunteers, but also by visitors to public events themselves. They will have the unique opportunity to enhance their experiences by dressing up and keeping the costume with the assistance of a trusted lecturer while they are in the Museum. It is this possibility of an intensified atmosphere of organized event and will enhance the ideas of both project partners, which is also mentioned in the title of the project „Active living of the common history and traditions in the region Ore Mountains“.
The costumes will also be used in the presentation events of the project, such as in tourism fairs.

Women’s costume: skirt, petticoat, apron, shirt, jacket, scarf, corset
Men’s costume: shirt, trousers, coat, hat, knee-length socks, apron
Girl’s costume: shirt, dress, coat, scarf
Boys’ costume: trousers, shirt, jacket, knee-length socks

Linking existing hiking trails between Lesná and Seiffen
In order to connect the museums in the Lesná and the town of Seiffen and ensure their easier access to hikers, the existing hiking trails will be connected. Specifically, it is a Seiffen trail called “Historic Seiffen”, “Glasmachersteig Osterzgebirge” and “The Experiential Nature Trail”, which was created as part of the project Two Countries – one region linking Lesná with the village Deutschneudorf. Linking these paths will create a new stretch of about 2 km, which will be newly marked.
Organization of public events, experience programs for children and youth in the open-air museum in Seiffen
Czech-German events devoted to the Ore Mountains traditions and customs are organized in the Museum of Ore Mountains since 2010. Each year the number of visitors increases and we gradually find out that it is not possible for all visitors to participate in the program. The reason is the limited capacity of the Ore Mountains’ Folk House, where the events take place. For creative workshops that are necessary in the context of the actions listed below, it is necessary to prepare suitable facilities (table, chairs, space for material distribution, etc.) which the kitchen of Folk House absolutely does not allow (maximum capacity for children is up to 25 persons, for adults it is only up to 20 people). Visitors who come to Lesná often leave without joining the program, which is “dishonest” from our point of view. By building a half-timbered house the situation would change rapidly. The new premises would make it possible to expand the range of handicrafts presented, which would have an impact on increasing attendance at events of this type. Notwithstanding that the planned actions will be taken in a completely new way. As the name of the project itself suggests, we would like to see the visitors of the public events experience the program and realize how simple and demanding the life in the Ore Mountains without the current technical advances was.
Advent Sunday at the Ore Mountains Museum in Lesná - December 2016, 2017, 2018
The essence of this event is to introduce the Traditional Mountain Christmas (traditions, customs, and activities of the inhabitants in this festive season) during the advent season. Creative workshops for all ages will be prepared at the Ore Mountains Museum. Beginning with the sound of a carol in a pleasant Christmas atmosphere, the incoming will try for example the work with clay, the production of beetles, the production of Christmas decorations from honeycomb wreaths, Christmas decorations, beads, the production of Christmas candlesticks, gingerbread decorations and so on. The guides will be accompanied by workers and volunteers in the traditional costumes, which visitors will be able to try. In addition to traditional crafts, visitors will listen to the stories of the life in the mountain about 100 years ago and will taste the Christmas candy with the sound of Christmas carols. Children write their wishes to Little Jesus. An exhibition of crèches from the Ore Mountains will also be an integral part of this event. The crèches are from all possible natural materials (cotton, clay, wood, paper, etc.).
The three Magi - January 2017, 2018, 2019
This event is also dedicated to Christmas holidays and focuses on the traditions and customs of the Ore Mountains in the winter (January, February, with the transition to the spring season to Easter holidays – Passion Week). Within the framework of the program, creative workshops with traditional crafts (herbal industry, cooking of herbal syrups, preparation of medicinal ointments, production of goose feathers, feathers, looms, work on the pottery circle, etc.) will be prepared for visitors. The whole event will be accompanied by a background talking. As part of this event, we will focus on dressing our ancestors, traditional Ore Mountains’ costumes will be introduced and visitors will be able to try out and experience them in unconventional clothing all day.
Sculpture Symposium - July 2017, 2018, 2019
This event is an example of traditional folk creativity in the Ore Mountains. Within one week, sculptors from the Czech Republic and Germany will create a piece of wood with a work of art. For each year, a single theme is addressed to sculptors in their works. Visitors in Lesná will be able to watch their work daily through the webcams of both project partners or directly in the Lesná Mountain Resort. At the end of the sculpture symposium, visitors will be presented with examples of traditional Ore Mountains’ crafts, talk about typical costumes accompanied by the opportunity to try them, a discussion with sculptors and finally visitors will choose the best statue. The sculptures will then be part of the permanent museum exhibitions at Lesná and Seiffen.
  • Total project expense – 1.496.136 €
  • EU support – 1.196.908 €
  • Partner involvement – 299.227,20 €
The office building of the Krušnohorský half-timbered house will take place








Lead partner:

Horský klub Lesná, z. s.

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431 21 Boleboř

IČ: 270 42 910

Tel.: +420 476 000 334


Project partner

Gemeindeverwaltung Kurort Seiffen

Am Rathaus 4,

09548 Kurort Seiffen

Tel.: +49 37362 877 71,


The building – a historic replica of a half-timbered house, which is built next to the existing historical replica of the folk house, will extend the offer of the Museum Lesná in the Ore Mountains to another typical dwelling in the Ore Mountains. It is designed according to preserved documents from the Regional Museum in Most, following the example of the houses built in the Ore Mountains at the end of the 19th century. A similar object is still in the village of Hora Svatá Kateřina. It should be available to the public already in the summer of 2019.

Since July 2017 we have been building a half-timbered house. Our intention is to introduce to the public the so-called “higher type of housing” from the turn of the 19th century. The object will be presented as a “mini farm” (a housing object – a home for a man living in the Ore Mountains who owns fields and hires people from the lower layers to manage them).

Antonín Herzán

The project „Active living  of the common history and traditions in the region Ore Mountains“ is supported by the Cooperation Programme Czech Republic – Free State of Saxony 2014-2020.