Advent time is often a stressful period for many of us. We are able to make it practically impossible for us to spend the day “D” happily on the Christmas board with our closest family. But what about stopping and finding space to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere without a frustrating feeling of possible failure. Stop and try to take an example of times when nobody knew the word “stress” and the extraordinary gift collection was not important to anyone. “We will take you this time.”

At the Museum of Ore Mountains in Lesná, for every Advent Sunday from 13:00 am, we have prepared an attractive experience program that will take you to the past and present you Christmas again from a different perspective.

And what can you look forward to? In a pleasant environment of the traditional Ore Mountains, you will hear the fascinating narrative of the costumed lecturers. You will become part of an experience program that will guide you through traditional craftsmanship of mountain residents from the beginning of the 19th century, see the Christmas decorations at the time, and taste the local renowned candy for the sound of carols. An exhibition of nails and nutcrackers will also be part of the event. A novelty that will please any lovers of clothing history will be the opportunity to try out traditional costumes of Ore Mountains. The event is being implemented under the project “Active living  of the common history and traditions in the region Ore Mountains” supported by the Czech Republic – Free State of Saxony 2014-2020 Cooperation Program.

Try the “Christmas Stress” to throw your head and come. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Lesná Mountain Club in the Ore Mountain, founding association