The pleasant warmth of the tile stove, a picturesque room full of smiling and well-tuned people, Christmas carols, purple scent, something good on the tooth and especially creative corners where you could try your handicraft skills and take home many beautiful products. This is just a small list of what visitors who visited our Museum of Ore Mountains in Lesná visited the Advent Sunday. Despite the confined spaces, our instructors enjoyed a pleasant afternoon, which is surely Christmas tune and reminded them that Christmas holidays are mostly about family, peace and quiet.

We have to admit that we are pleased that so many people have come to visit us at the peaks of the Ore Mountains in Advent. Why are we actually doing this? Mainly, not to forget the local traditions and customs, but also to make the rich history that the Ore Mountains certainly is.

If you have not been thrown away since the Christmas bust, you have the unique opportunity to “taste” something from our offer already on Sunday 6 January 2018, when we prepared for you “The Three Magi”. For more information, please visit our website

Lesná Mountain Club in the Ore Mountain, founding association