Winter – a period when our Lesná Mountain Resort appears to be in the austerity with the surrounding countryside. But the opposite is true. The members and employees of Lesná Mountain Club in the Ore Mountains, for which this period is, on the other hand, are time-consuming and not only because they are actively involved in maintenance of the white trail of the Ore Mountains.

Only the Museum of Ore Mountains in Lesná has many duties that need to be provided for the satisfaction of the incoming. The construction of a new building – a half-timbered house, which is being implemented under the project “Active living of the common history and traditions in the region Ore Mountains” supported by the Cooperation Program Czech Republic – Free State of Saxony 2014-2020, is suspended from the 13 November 2017 due to unfavourable climatic conditions, it is not desirable to “fall asleep on laurels”. Other important activities of the above project need to be addressed. In addition to the newly-made costumes from Ore Mountains, which will be used for events for the target group, the new website of the museum will be launched soon, where the target audience will find detailed information about the project activities, public events, etc. At present we are also preparing and selecting the furniture in a new building museums, we are preparing a text part of the exhibition and we devote much of the energy to the preparation and planning of organized leisure activities that are planned for visitors to the Lesná Mountain Resort for 2018. Anyway, we would like to continue building a half-timbered house as soon as possible. But when it is, it’s “in the stars.” Let’s see when “Madame Winter” will say goodbye to us this year.