When we received a consensus on the endorsement of the project “Active living of the common history and traditions in the region Ore Mountains” in September 2016, we were full of ideals and expectations. Not that the enthusiasm has left us, but we have to say that some project activities cost us more than we expected. However, we are pleased that the implementation team has been working with us so far and we implement the project according to the timetable we have jointly established.

And what have we done in nine months? We managed to build a functioning implementation team. Choose quality and qualified vendors to help us accomplish the step by step goal of the project. We collected a lot of interesting information about the history and traditions of the Czech-Saxon Ore Mountains and prepared a “springboard” for further tasks. Our main goal – to extend the Museum of Ore Mountains in Lesná to a new building (a replica of a half-timbered house) was, of course, the biggest haze for us. At present, however, it is just enough to sign a contract with the selected bidder, hand over the construction site and then believe that the weather will not betray us and we will be able to build it for as long as possible. We would like to have a rough building under the roof before the first snow arrive.

So hold your fingers!

Project implementation team